Friday, January 4, 2008

First assignment in PDT- AJAX

Apr 2007, I've been transfered from Professional Services (PS) dept to Product Development team (PDT) after the completion of S&I project. Ecquaria PDT focus on product R&D and innovation, which is always my interest ;) ( You can read more about Ecquaria SOP here )

AJAX was my first assignment in PDT. I was told to champion the R&D and decide how can we move on with it. AJAX is combination of technology, HTML DOM, client-side scripting and XMLHttpRequest object. There are a few popular Ajax toolkits during that time, OpenRico, GWT, YUI and Dojo Toolkit.

GWT (Google WebToolkit) is a javascript compiler that interpret Java programming language into cross-browser and optimized javascripts. YUI (Yahoo! User Interface Library) , OpenRico & Dojo Toolkit focus on providing their best javascript API library to developers. All these Ajax toolkits shared the same goal and competing to become the best/standard of RIA (Rich Internet Application) development without rely on java applet, activeX object or flash plug-in.

As an enterprise product, we always focus on addressing the enterprise concerns, security, scalability & stability. And that's the design philosophy behind the SOPAjax framework. SOPAjax framework focus on server-side development while leaving the client-side user interface widget open in adopting any 3rd party Ajax toolkit.

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